Update: It Starts

I thought I’d take a short, casual recess from the super intense posts to write an update about my work. For two weeks, the above Progress Bar has been glowing at the top of the site. It means that I’ve finished the content edit for my first book, War of Exiles, and that I’m incredibly … Continue reading Update: It Starts

A Mess of Small Goals

Man did April blow up in my face. If you follow this blog, you’ll know I had an incredibly clean, specific plan for April. A plan that started with a content edit of War of Exiles, the book I’ve been working on since 2005 through various phases of my writing career. A plan that was … Continue reading A Mess of Small Goals

A Writer Watching – Eternals, Part 2

Hello and welcome back to “A Writer Watching – Eternals”! This is the second part of a two part series, so if you’re just joining us now, you might want to check out part one first via this link. But if you’re like, “Nah,” for any reason, I have to clarify again that the purpose … Continue reading A Writer Watching – Eternals, Part 2

A Writer Watching – Eternals, Part 1

Disclaimer: I know that some people really like this movie. In fact, some of my best friends really like this movie. However . . . a balance must be struck. Since the beginning of time, I’ve vowed that if there came an MCU film worthy of an absolute tear-down because its writing was a mess, … Continue reading A Writer Watching – Eternals, Part 1

Let’s Talk About – “Uncanny Mess Realism” in Worldbuilding

Welcome back! Or Happy . . . First Time Here? Uh . . . Welcome! Holy shit, I’m never trying to write a normal intro ever again. Today, I wanted to get back to writer talk. I have an important life update I’ll drop on you guys, but nothing crazy . . . Well, it … Continue reading Let’s Talk About – “Uncanny Mess Realism” in Worldbuilding

I Hate Proxy Racist Characters

I tried watching Cobra Kai. The premise, as I assumed it, was interesting. I thought we’d be catching up with the villain from the original Karate Kid, which is true–we do. But I assumed we’d find out that villain wasn’t actually a villain, an idea that the prologue (cut almost entirely from the original film) … Continue reading I Hate Proxy Racist Characters

Anime Logic – A Warning

A kid arrives at the top of a mountain to take an exam. Not a pencil and paper exam, of course, cause this is anime. No, our protagonist is taking an    [insert made-up anime profession here]    exam. Ninja? Hunter? Pokemon Master? Doesn’t matter. All that matters: it’s an exam designed to be harder than any other … Continue reading Anime Logic – A Warning

30 Days of NaNoWriMo 2 – Day 15: The Double

So, today went alright. Not as awesomely as I was hoping though. Because, while getting ready to go out and get breakfast (instead of the jacket I previously mentioned because it was raining and the water wasn’t running in my apartment)… I suddenly had an idea. When it comes to daily writing, I’m learning that my MO is … Continue reading 30 Days of NaNoWriMo 2 – Day 15: The Double

The Perfect Idea: That Thing You Can’t Hunt

Sometimes, I wonder about perfect ideas. It seems like there’s just a time and a place for them; a story comes along, or a character, and they’re so straight forward and simple . . . but so awesome that it’s ridiculous. Take Rick and Morty, for example. Is it a bad example? I don’t know–I love it; gave … Continue reading The Perfect Idea: That Thing You Can’t Hunt

Just Keep Trying

Eleven years later and this is still my “getting work done” theme. Is there something I’m really serious about completing? Am I completely straight-faced and probably tired as I just get up and do it without complaining? Then this is what I hear. After the last post, this song came on… for life. That sounds sappy, … Continue reading Just Keep Trying