Let’s Make: A Fantasy Story Shop — Lucky’s

It's been a while since I did a Let's Make, one of the many series that fell to the wayside when I stopped posting every day. Still, I love this series, so I thought I'd sacrifice one of the more recent, bloggier posts for another installment. And, this time, I thought I'd solidify something I've been slowly gathering … Continue reading Let’s Make: A Fantasy Story Shop — Lucky’s

Let’s Make: A Fantasy Monster – Gekouls

Welcome back for the second part of this week's accidental series of Let's Makes. If you didn't read Tuesday's Let's Make: A Fantasy Alcohol, you can check it out to find out how my creative process led me here. Regardless, the goal of this post is to make a new fantasy monster for use in a future project--Rainwater Archaic. Because of … Continue reading Let’s Make: A Fantasy Monster – Gekouls

Let’s Make: A Fantasy Alcohol

I'm sitting here with a rum and orange. Don't worry--I'm not drunk. Even though I don't drink often (or I don't think I do), I've settled into the habits of nursing drinks or spacing them out so long that I never get well and truly smashed anymore. Even if I've been drinking all day long. Oh, … Continue reading Let’s Make: A Fantasy Alcohol

Let’s Make: A Fantasy Beast

Holy shit am I cheating right now. If there's one thing that all of my manuscripts have, but almost never actually benefit from, it's a list of beasts. "Beasts" in this case meaning "animals." Why not just call them animals? Cause Bloodborne ruined me. Whatever. My point is, all of my worlds come with long lists of … Continue reading Let’s Make: A Fantasy Beast