Works Published and in Progress

In 2016, my short story, “Aixa the Hexcaster” was published in the Autumn issue of Mirror Dance Fantasy. You can find it here.


An announcement image I made back in 2016. It is adorably low-quality, but, hey, I was excited.

Since then, I’ve written, edited, and rewritten several short stories and novels, trying to put together another piece good enough to be published. As of September, 2018, my WIP are as follows:

  • Memory: Shadow of the Lord Sun – The first entry in a trilogy of adventure fantasy novels. Former thief, Kole Buchanan, finds himself the unwilling accomplice to Memory, the smartest and most loyal of the emperor’s inhuman Shadows. Their quest? To find a single document that the emperor has hidden from all–even Memory. But neither of them can predict what the document holds–secrets so terrible that Kole and Memory become instrumental to the fall of an empire.


  • “Nurture Garden 5” – A sci-fi short story I’m currently shopping, set in the near future, where cloning is common and racism still exists. Inspired by Get Out, a movie that so boldly leans into the race-fears of minorities that I’ve often heard it described as a “comedy” by people who don’t have those fears. I wanted to do something as brazen, from the perspective of a Hispanic protagonist.


  • The Hand and the Tempest – My current WIP. A YA adventure fantasy story. Originally meant to be a standalone, I’m taking my time building its world and writing every story that I feel relevant to its plot and characters, in direct contrast to my tendency to make my novels extremely concise. I’m hoping for a standard length fantasy novel, or to split it into a series of shorter novels.