Let’s Talk About: The Emperor’s Pistol

I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art this past Wednesday. It was the beginning of a new trend I've started of just getting out of the house. Maybe it's in celebration of finishing the edit of Memory. More likely, it's just an intense desire to be out having fun when I have the freedom to … Continue reading Let’s Talk About: The Emperor’s Pistol

Just Watched #3 – Twin Peaks

"I'll see you again in 25 years." There's a very specific way that I say, "What the fuck, dude?" In the TV show of my life, that would absolutely be my catchphrase. And, as in real life, I'd sigh it when I'm watching, reading, or playing something that thoroughly fucks my mind. To the point that "What … Continue reading Just Watched #3 – Twin Peaks

Let’s Talk About: Endgames

Ages ago, I spoke to a friend about "endgames." He blinked. "What do you mean? Like, when you can play the credit roll during a video game?" "No. It's just a term of mine, used for an ending that's really . . . like, well done." I don't remember how he replied or how the … Continue reading Let’s Talk About: Endgames

Let’s Talk About: The Everything’s Great Threshold

I started watching Parks and Recreation recently. As a man who's genuinely terrible at keeping up with television, I've had this show on my Netflix list for as long as I've had Netflix. Parks and Rec follows a familiar curve. Season 1 wasn't great, very obviously lifting its joke climate from The Office. In season 2, the show finds its … Continue reading Let’s Talk About: The Everything’s Great Threshold

Let’s Talk About: The Term “Mary Sue”

So, the trailer for The Last Jedi is out, and it doesn't look like it follows Empire's plot, which is super exciting for me. I'm eager see more of Finn and Rey . . . and I'm also just ready for a Star Wars movie I like. My reasons for disliking Rogue One could easily be a post on their … Continue reading Let’s Talk About: The Term “Mary Sue”

Dream Diary #2 – A Remnant of Sith Hatred

In the lore of the dream, I'd been a member of the Rebellion. Or, really, whatever faction stood in the Rebellion's place; my dream took place far in the future of the Star Wars universe, and, although technology doesn't seem to advance in a galaxy far, far away, there were drastic differences in tech in my future. … Continue reading Dream Diary #2 – A Remnant of Sith Hatred

Practice Poems #3 – 20 Feet Beneath You

Look down. Imagine what's 20 feet beneath you. Someone else's bedroom? The underside of a bridge? Maybe an animal den. Probably all of those things. A red panda's hammock, hanging from bridge girders. You'd have to wreck your schedule to find out for sure. Beg the cops to let you clamber down there and take a look. … Continue reading Practice Poems #3 – 20 Feet Beneath You

Fantasy Fandom: Steven Universe

Confession time: I still watch cartoons. I'm a writer who believes he can learn good writing habits from absolutely anywhere, so I have no qualms about trying out new cartoons that friends recommend. Or just . . . trying them out when they look awesome. Adventure Time. Rick and Morty. And, especially--said with a heavy, nostalgic heart--Avatar: … Continue reading Fantasy Fandom: Steven Universe

Muse Tuesday – The Eternal Frontier | Ant-Man

When he woke, Hank found himself wedged into a runnel of wood grain. Wide-eyed, he checked the time and found he'd only been asleep for a few hours, as planned. "Son of a bitch." He sighed through his nose. "Shrinking faster than I thought."  Maybe exponentially. "Or with serious gains." You're talking to yourself again, Hank. … Continue reading Muse Tuesday – The Eternal Frontier | Ant-Man

Practice Poems #2 – Furious Puppetspeak

No idea if it'll become a trend, but I like ending the week with a poem. Let's jump right into it. ~~~ There are places beyond the walls. Rooms you've never seen, full of voices you've never heard. They're so close to being familiar. Furious puppetspeak, rattling just across the street. Down the road. Even if you tried, … Continue reading Practice Poems #2 – Furious Puppetspeak