Dream Diary #2 – A Remnant of Sith Hatred

In the lore of the dream, I'd been a member of the Rebellion. Or, really, whatever faction stood in the Rebellion's place; my dream took place far in the future of the Star Wars universe, and, although technology doesn't seem to advance in a galaxy far, far away, there were drastic differences in tech in my future. … Continue reading Dream Diary #2 – A Remnant of Sith Hatred

Practice Poems #3 – 20 Feet Beneath You

Look down. Imagine what's 20 feet beneath you. Someone else's bedroom? The underside of a bridge? Maybe an animal den. Probably all of those things. A red panda's hammock, hanging from bridge girders. You'd have to wreck your schedule to find out for sure. Beg the cops to let you clamber down there and take a look. … Continue reading Practice Poems #3 – 20 Feet Beneath You

Rain and Jurassic Park

Welcome back. Thanks for coming by for this first in another week of posts. So, I realized . . . I do a lot of series. In fact, since I started posting every week day . . . I think every single post has been part of a series. It's getting a little exhausting. So … Continue reading Rain and Jurassic Park

Monday, AM #4 – ON / OFF

So, this is probably the last Monday, AM. The series just isn't doing well, which is fine--I'll take another day to post whatever I want (currently just Friday), but this weekday posting gig requires me to make new series all the time, so I'll have a few Monday standards figured out before long. In the meantime, let's … Continue reading Monday, AM #4 – ON / OFF

PAX East 2017 – A Brief Summary of The Last Night on Earth

I'm closing out the week with another brief story from PAX. Only, this time, actually a story. One of the things I love about board games is the way they sometimes yield cohesive plots. Reading between the die rolls, you can find narratives that are accidentally perfect. And, because I love those stories, here's a … Continue reading PAX East 2017 – A Brief Summary of The Last Night on Earth

PAX East 2017 – The Road to Betrayal

So . . . posting from PAX . . . is a nightmare. It's not impossible though, so I thought I'd drop an easy post, at least. The easiest thing to write about? PAX. So, for tonight, I thought I'd share the best moments from my journey to PAX East 2017. A little bloggier than I … Continue reading PAX East 2017 – The Road to Betrayal

Monday, AM #3 – The PAX Rush

Welcome back, everyone. Another brief Monday, AM--made particularly short by the fact that my entire weekend was devoured by Breath of the Wild. I mean, I wrote and did a few other things, but when it came to going outside--catching Logan or Get Out, I passed. In my defense, I've always been a huge Zelda fan, so whatever. Sacrifices were … Continue reading Monday, AM #3 – The PAX Rush

Gallery of Strangers – Tattoo Mom

People watching. It's an unfortunate part of being a writer. Not too socially disruptive, but still weird. At least it makes me feel weird, what with my guilty conscience. Still, it's essential. As writers, we have to watch people, listen closely to how they speak, what they say. Not because we're stalkers, but because we need … Continue reading Gallery of Strangers – Tattoo Mom

Monday, AM #2 – John Wick and Underworldbuilding

Welcome back to Monday. This is the part where I reflexively say, "It's good to be back!" but it isn't, cause it's Monday. I did actually get my days off this week, so I'll get to spend the beginning of it comfortably doing posts and writing . . . although I also really want to … Continue reading Monday, AM #2 – John Wick and Underworldbuilding