Just Watched #3 – Twin Peaks

"I'll see you again in 25 years." There's a very specific way that I say, "What the fuck, dude?" In the TV show of my life, that would absolutely be my catchphrase. And, as in real life, I'd sigh it when I'm watching, reading, or playing something that thoroughly fucks my mind. To the point that "What … Continue reading Just Watched #3 – Twin Peaks

Let’s Talk About: The Everything’s Great Threshold

I started watching Parks and Recreation recently. As a man who's genuinely terrible at keeping up with television, I've had this show on my Netflix list for as long as I've had Netflix. Parks and Rec follows a familiar curve. Season 1 wasn't great, very obviously lifting its joke climate from The Office. In season 2, the show finds its … Continue reading Let’s Talk About: The Everything’s Great Threshold

Fantasy Fandom: Steven Universe

Confession time: I still watch cartoons. I'm a writer who believes he can learn good writing habits from absolutely anywhere, so I have no qualms about trying out new cartoons that friends recommend. Or just . . . trying them out when they look awesome. Adventure Time. Rick and Morty. And, especially--said with a heavy, nostalgic heart--Avatar: … Continue reading Fantasy Fandom: Steven Universe

Fantasy Spotlight: Home Base

Hey there. We've almost made it to Friday, and I thought I'd write something a bit positive after a few days of disappointment and criticism (excluding that Muse Tuesday about Jadha Swayne, which got so much love [and, man, just thank you guys for that, btw]). In the vein of being positive though, I thought I'd … Continue reading Fantasy Spotlight: Home Base

Just Watched #1 – Iron Fist

Welcome back for another rip roarin' week of talking about fantasy. And writing. And probably cute animals at some point. We're starting off with a super reactionary piece that I'm going to tie into one of my greatest fears as a writer--losing the ability to be objective. Before getting to that though, let me explain … Continue reading Just Watched #1 – Iron Fist

What I Learned from Binge-Watching Buffy

I had six days off in a row last week. It's just the nature of my job. Most weeks, I work almost every day. But other weeks, nothing's going on at work, and my supervisors decide to clump my days together (four at the beginning of one week, four at the end of the next). … Continue reading What I Learned from Binge-Watching Buffy