Writer’s Workshop #5 – “Let’s Dance”

Disclaimer: I went in . . . really hard on the "I'm going to start posting whatever day of the week" thing. If this is your first time hearing this, yes, expect posts on days other than Monday. My work schedule continues to demand flexibility from the rest of my life, so I'm now officially … Continue reading Writer’s Workshop #5 – “Let’s Dance”

Writer’s Workshop #3 – Crazy, Teddy Bear-Headlock Lady

I'd just sat down for coffee and a bagel when she walked in. A woman in her 20's, hair in a wiry bun at the top of her head, wearing a fuschia coat that was too baggy for her stick thin body. At first, I assumed she had an intellectual disability. If she had, it would've meant she … Continue reading Writer’s Workshop #3 – Crazy, Teddy Bear-Headlock Lady

Writer’s Workshop #2 – The Quintessential Cat

Hi there, and welcome back to the Writer's Workshop. For today's edition, I thought I'd depart from tasting things (my memory of roman nougat's Pink 12 flavor from last week is still too fresh in my mind). Instead, I'm going visual this week, focusing on reading emotions. Now, full disclosure, I'd been intending to go … Continue reading Writer’s Workshop #2 – The Quintessential Cat

Writer’s Workshop #1 – A Box of Discounted Chocolates

It's Fuck It Wednesday. What's that? Never heard of it? Well, let me enlighten you. Fuck It _____day is the day after Valentine's Day. A day when all of the romance is over, and what matters is that Valentine's Day chocolate is super discounted. And hey, maybe you're on a diet. But eh. Fuck it. … Continue reading Writer’s Workshop #1 – A Box of Discounted Chocolates