Dream Diary #1 – A Red Rust Door

Ending the week with a weird one here. A kind of spiritual successor to my dream diary tweets from ages ago.

Again, as it happens pretty often on this blog, writing about this just feels right.

And, although I’m not sure why, I’m going all “right” on this one; I’m doing it up. I am alone, on my computer, in a completely dark room.

It’s time to get meta. To get weird and cerebral. And a bit spooky.

Let’s step back into the weird dream I had last night, made as clear as I could possibly render it.


I can’t claim to remember all of my dream from last night, but I know that it centered around a building I was exploring. A ruin, for sure, set in stark grays and reds.

Because, although I didn’t jump awake or experience anything that truly terrified me, this was definitely a nightmare.

I was looking for something. I’m not sure what, but it was living–some kind of creature that was hiding in an old . . . I don’t know what it was. A multi-leveled structure with strange plazas and surreal pathways of pitted concrete.

Sometimes, I found myself stepping into enclosed courtyards and finding walls and upper landings made out of thin sticks of red wood.

Other times, I’d walk down a hall and come out in places that didn’t make sense. The one I remember best was a perfectly rectangular hallway that ended with nothing–an opening with no door. The hallway’s walls, floor, and roof made a perfect cylinder of concrete that was cleanly cut, its other half gone with whatever structure it was attached to. As if to suit that metaphor, the doorway was leaning down–into a slate river, perfectly clean, oddly dry. I remember dropping down into that river, looking around at a world made white by a glaring sun.

And then I was back inside, looking for the creature again.

At certain points, I heard it, and despite trying to seek it out, I ran or hid. In the moments between, there were actual zombies to fight, although I was strangely unmoved by them, as if I was playing a video game. I’d already dealt with zombies countless times.

In the end, I never confronted the creature that I was looking for.

But I did find it, on the other side of a red rust door, moving around. Not stomping or growling. Just settling and resettling itself. Perhaps never aware of me. Possibly not even waiting as I stood on the other side of its door, doing nothing until I woke up.


Apologies if you don’t like reading weird stuff. I was going to try and figure out a meaning as a second part of this post.

But I . . . kind of like leaving this dream as just a weird dream. And, besides, all meanings I could think of surrounded the likelihood that I’m feeling a little stressed–that a big challenge is coming up in my life and I have to face it.

But eh. We can talk about that on Monday.

For now, it’s the weekend; let’s just party.

Thank you for stopping by; I don’t think I say it enough, but I appreciate everyone’s support. If you’d like, you can find me on Twitter @LSantiagoAuthor.

But, in the mean time, thanks just for passing by, and I hope your weekend’s awesome.

See ya on Monday!