Back on Hiatus

Hey, everyone. I'm going to keep this one short. First thing's first . . . I hated last week's post. I rushed through something I'd intended to be important and beautiful. While at the Met, I'd taken a bunch of pictures I intended to use in "The Emperor's Gun," explaining how much inspiration museums provide … Continue reading Back on Hiatus

The Plot, As It Is Now

Hi there. Apologies for this one being late, but I used my days off this week to hunker down and finish editing Memory: Shadow of the Lord Sun. I completed it on Tuesday, then had to work the rest of the week until today, so sacrifices were made. I'm still really happy about it though, because … Continue reading The Plot, As It Is Now

Writer’s Workshop #5 – “Let’s Dance”

Disclaimer: I went in . . . really hard on the "I'm going to start posting whatever day of the week" thing. If this is your first time hearing this, yes, expect posts on days other than Monday. My work schedule continues to demand flexibility from the rest of my life, so I'm now officially … Continue reading Writer’s Workshop #5 – “Let’s Dance”

“What if it doesn’t work out?”

At my local Dunkin Donuts, I'm sitting at a small table, a friend and former coworker swiping over it with a napkin. "So, I'm just gonna talk to you a minute--just a short thing about the company I work for. It'll just take 20 minutes, tops." The table clear of crumbs, he pulls out a … Continue reading “What if it doesn’t work out?”

Just Watched #4 – Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2

Disclaimer: Man, yesterday was one of the worst days of my life in recent times. Nothing life-alteringly horrible happened, but plenty (like too many) small things went horribly wrong. There was the having-a-long-heated-debate-with-a-friend-about-why-I-don't-date part. There was the discovering-the-spot-of-grease-that-was-smeared-all-over-the-foot-of-the-stairs-in-my apartment-building part, during which I took a comically bad fall and landed on my hand and hip. … Continue reading Just Watched #4 – Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2

Let’s Make: A Fantasy Story Shop — Lucky’s

It's been a while since I did a Let's Make, one of the many series that fell to the wayside when I stopped posting every day. Still, I love this series, so I thought I'd sacrifice one of the more recent, bloggier posts for another installment. And, this time, I thought I'd solidify something I've been slowly gathering … Continue reading Let’s Make: A Fantasy Story Shop — Lucky’s

Let’s Talk About: Endgames

Ages ago, I spoke to a friend about "endgames." He blinked. "What do you mean? Like, when you can play the credit roll during a video game?" "No. It's just a term of mine, used for an ending that's really . . . like, well done." I don't remember how he replied or how the … Continue reading Let’s Talk About: Endgames

Let’s Talk About: The Everything’s Great Threshold

I started watching Parks and Recreation recently. As a man who's genuinely terrible at keeping up with television, I've had this show on my Netflix list for as long as I've had Netflix. Parks and Rec follows a familiar curve. Season 1 wasn't great, very obviously lifting its joke climate from The Office. In season 2, the show finds its … Continue reading Let’s Talk About: The Everything’s Great Threshold