Practice Poems #1 – Silent Godsong

Disclaimer: I am . . . not a poet.

Still, a friend suggested that I try poetry as a means of refreshing my prose, which sounded like an awesome idea.

Of course, as I do with almost everything these days, I thought I’d share my first practice poem here. At most, expect to get a candid look at what I produce when I’m outside of my comfort zone and have no idea what to write.




Dance your jangling dance.

Laugh with teeth clattering.

Pretend there is no cold dark. No such thing as skeletons.

Believe in only what you can see.

Breathe the silent godsong.

And, when you’re done, lie down again in that place that only you know.

So you can close your eyes and wait.


Whoa! Someone’s an angsty teen!

Seriously though, thank you for closing out another week with me here on my blog. To everyone who followed, liked, and commented this week, I absolutely appreciate it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–you guys are definitely keeping me going. I’ll be back on Monday with something that’s definitely not Monday, AM.

Until then, my name is Louis Santiago, and I’m a fantasy writer based in the Bronx. My short story, “Aixa the Hexcaster,” was recently published in Mirror Dance Fantasy. However, I’m still very much learning about the writing process–still trying to figure it out. Part of that means posting on here every weekday, even though I make absolutely no money from it. So, if you like what you read here and feel up to getting an email every weekday–a new post from me delivered right to your inbox–then please hit the Follow button at the bottom of this page. Because, even though all I get from this site is emotional support, that support means the world to me.

Regardless though, even if you’re just passing through, thank you for visiting. And, as always, write well.

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Louis Santiago

I'm a fantasy writer based in New York. One of my short stories, "Aixa the Hexcaster," was published at Mirror Dance Fantasy. You can read it here:

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