Camp NaNoWriMo 2021: Week 10 (Bonus) – One More Week

I think I only have this one, last week and then Memory is done.

Because the third act is going very smoothly. And that smoothness is really reminding me how much I can get done when I’m not constantly struggling with scene logistics.

The finale–specifically the part I just started writing earlier today–is one of the most highly planned and revised parts of the outline. To the point that–though I feel for Past Louis because I remember it being a pain in the ass–I’m taking it easy because he basically already wrote the chapters in the outline.

And I love it. Seriously, after everything I’ve gone through to get here, I absolutely love Past Louis for doing what he wasn’t supposed to and writing prose and dialogue in the outline. Sometimes it’s meh, but other times, it’s not and just . . . thank fuck.

I wish the entire rest of the outline was like that, but, unfortunately, no. The “Planning Chapter,” “Endgame 1,” and “Endgame 2” are all laid out and clean. I had a mini-heart attack earlier in the month when I thought I would have to drastically change the events in one of the protagonists’ finale, but changes to the end of Act 2 fixed the issue in a way that is infinitely cleaner.

But, the “Epilogue” does need to change. It will require a totally new scene. But . . . it’s a scene that I’ve already washed dishes with, so I have a pretty good idea what it’s going to be.

Long story short: by this time next week . . . Memory is actually going to be finished. I know, I know–disclaimer about me making bold predictions about my writing progress on here.

But I think it’s true. And . . . wow. I’m not trying to get ahead of myself, but goddamn what a journey. Not just with this draft, but with Memory in general. I wrote the first version back in 2014–nearly seven years ago. So long that I seriously keep getting confused about when I wrote it (I’ve said it was 2016 so many times on here). To finally be close to the end of that journey, with a fully functional writing process is just . . . it blows my mind to no end.

But it also makes me really excited. So what I’m going to do: publish this post now, go to bed (yeah, my schedule is fucked up the extent that 4pm is now my 12am), wake up at my normal time of 2am . . . and start the week right. By writing my protagonists plotting a heist.


Holy shit. I just wrote that and goosebumps. Okay! Thank you for reading.

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But regardless, thank you for passing by. Stay safe, take care, and remember that you can use gallium to break down a lock. We’re not talking melting here–gallium is a metal that, in its liquid form, weakens other metals. It takes hours, so it’s not an efficient way to pick a lock, but what I’m trying to say is, gallium is a really awesome metal. I mean, it’s liquid at room temperature, but it’s not toxic to humans. It’s just fucking rad.

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